Amy Lawrence


Amy Moxon Lawrence (née Beck)
8 May 1894 - 6 August 1966

Jo's Diary

This was transcribed from a photocopy of the original handwritten document by David Hume.
Jo’s handwriting is fairly legible, but there are still a few educated guesses here and there.
Other than transcription errors, and a few headings inserted to make it more readable,
it appears as it was written.

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Jo's Family

Beck and Moxon

Jo in childhood


Pop and Jo's Wedding

Early Married Life

Paddy Suzzette and Bill


Jo at about 55



Jo was a great lover of rhymes and poetry,
and wrote out a number of poems as a preamble to her diary.
They are rather romantic and maudlin choices.

Some kill their love when they are young
And some when they are old
Some strangle with the hand of lust
And some with hand of gold
The kindest use a knife because
the dead so soon grow cold

And is there care in heaven
And is there love
In heavenly spirits to these creatures base
That may compassion of their evils move
There is

Stone walls do not a prison make
Nor iron bars a cage
The spotless heart and innocent (sic)
Calls that a heritage
If I have freedom in my love
And in my soul are free
Angels alone that are above
Enjoy such liberty

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