Buildings from the
Lawrence-Moxon History

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Broughton Church

Clissold Rd

The parish church in Broughton, where
Alexander Fabian and Sarah Woodford were
christened. Sarah's father was parish
sexton for nearly 50 years.

Clissold Rd, around 1900, where
Christopher George Lawrence and family lived
and Alfred Lawrence grew up.

Hanslope Church

St Dunstans Stepney

The parish church in Hanslope, Bucks,
where the Slades came from. They were
Baptists, but this would have been a
major feature of the village
(now on the outskirts of Milton Keynes).

St. Dunstan Stepney, where the parish church
for the Lawrences

St. Matthews Bethnal Green, London

Croscombe Church

St Matthew, Bethnal Green, London,
where Christopher George Lawrence's
older siblings were christened.

The village church of Croscombe, Somerset,
where Gabriel Baker senior was sexton
for 37 years.

Colney House

Shugborough House

Colney House, at the time when Gabriel
Baker the younger, maternal grandfather
of Susan Moxon (Beck) was the butler.

Shugborough House, Derbyshire, around 1820,
when Thomas Moxon, paternal grandfather
of Susan Moxon (Beck) was the cook.

St Peters Bethnal Green

St Giles Cripplegate

St Mary Magdalen

St Peters, Bethnal Green,
where Christopher George Lawrence
was christened;

St Giles, Cripplegate,
where his mother,
Louisa Ann Curtis was christened

St Mary Magdalen,
where his father William
was christened.


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